About Me

An Engineer Turned Entrepreneur, In Short!!

I am very much passionate about technology, love to learn new things and always try to implement it in my organization as well as on client side. My technical journey started back in 2006 when I was trying to learn computer technologies and it was when I decided to go deeper into computers and software.

After my graduation in computer science and during my job I realized that there are too much chaos in small scale IT industry and lack of good products which gave me a motive to solve that problem. It was 2013 when I finally decided to pursue my motive and start solving the problem actually with my friends.

Since 2013, there has been lots of changes in our core team and platforms but one thing that never changed was my passion to create something fascinating for people and love for the technology. This passion, love and support from my team and board members has brought our company Dignitech to the international level.

Apart from technologies, I love adventure, travelling with my family and meeting new people.